About Us

A skill team of engineers, led by Serdar E.Erturan, design and develop integrated hardware and software system for the mass production of high efficiency Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower Plants. Greenway’s immediate future energy vision makes solar energy acceptable worldwide by reducing construction price and operating costs to minimum by developing and operating zero polluting, minimum maintenance solar concentrating energy operations.



Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower system is one of the most promising solar thermal power generating systems. The use of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower system is advantageous due to its high efficiency, high power density and its nature for zero pollution long-term, low-maintenance operation. Greenway’s CSP Tower system represents a fairly simple technology which, due to its modularity is flexible and could be built as grid connected unit in medium/large size plants with outputs up to hundreds of MW.



Boiler type is Natural Circulation. “Direct  Steam Generation” The system is designed with a closed circuit. Complete field design is based on a modular system, like LEGO blocks, once assembled they can be erected on site by a small group  of people. Heliostats are light, strong, durable and have integrated data transfer system via wireless communication embedded in the PCB  motion  control board. Receiver is also modular concept alone with the tower can be shipped and assembled on site. read more...