Serdar E. Erturan

Founder, Engineering & Design Responsible 

Mr Erturan and his engineering team have a great experience in the realization of high value technology programs.

  • Operating CSP Tower plant during past 2 years, collection of real time field experiences including field efficiency rates 
  • Complete new generation heliostat design
  • Heliostat control card development 
  • Parabolic Heliostats structure  and dual-axis solar movement  trackers, Hardware, Controls and Instrumentation
  • Automatic digital  calibration  and image process co systems designs controls and implementations\ Software to analysis shape and location of the sunbeam focus onto the target plate
  • Solar Field Wireless Networks 
  • Design and implemention of hybrid network for CSP fields 
  • DSG  boiler design , assembling,  natural circulation diagram ,  instrumentation , piping  and   insulating
  • DSG boiler working parameters in safety standardization , synchronization diagrams , control  philosophy
  • Performed requirement analysis, design, development, test, and maintenance of the solar field control software
  • QT based SCADA software to  steam automation
  • Recorded thermodynamic and optical efficiency calculation functions
  • Implemented temperature measurement system to  solar tower coverage
  • Data acquisition and logging software for solar measurements
  • Implemented sky inspection system for cloud detection software and hardware including
  • Maintained code for the receiver surface monitoring and thermal distribution analysis  and flax management
  • Automation and Process Control Projects / Storage, water desalination and industrial steam systems
  • Maintained program of the solar tower PLC
  • Steam turbine integration  for the Mersin CSP Field\ Turbine governing systems, actuators, instrumentation units, protection relays, excitation (AVR), synchronization, and power distribution systems

Mr Erturan and his skilled team of engineers were awarded with the most prestigious Turkish Technology Award, presented by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) and Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) for “Best Large Scale Technology Development”.