Greenway’s vision is to promote and increase solar energy usage worldwide by reducing construction and operating costs to a minimum through developing and providing zero pollution, minimum maintenance solar concentrating energy systems.

Greenway’s mission is to continue innovating and developing CSP technology and become one of the leading technology companies worldwide.

Greenway is also committed to providing a better future and environment for next generations through:

Hybrid design: Hybridization with carbon based power or distillation facilities.

Offsetting greenhouse gases: Greenway's solar power technology produces pure steam/electric power with no carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Carbon emission offset is calculated at millions of tons of CO2 over the twenty-plus year lifecycle of a typical Greenway solar project.

Reducing air pollution: Greenway's solar system decreases the amount of air pollution. With a reduction in the amount of fossil fuel consumed, there is a corresponding reduction in the amount of pollution generated. Solar off grid - local electrification also decreases the amount of electricity produced by locally operated diesel generators.

Conserving energy: Greenway's solar electricity contributes effectively to energy conservation through preserving costly conventional power for urban/rural, industrial and commercial uses and providing low cost and clean solar generated power to satisfy energy needs of the majority of the population.