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Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower System is one of the most promising solar thermal power generating systems.

The innovative Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower Electricity Generation System will become one of the world’s most efficient devices for the conversion of solar energy in to electricity

They are non-polluting, low maintenance, long lasting power generation systems, with close to zero waste of natural resources. The systems utilize a large number of parabolic solar concentrating mirrors that focuses the solar energy onto a receiver located on top of a tower where it is absorbed and transferred to the electricity production generator.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower Electricity Generation System applications can be either grid-connected electricity supply in power parks up to hundreds of Megawatt and for decentralized and off-grid hybrid power generation at high efficiency levels.

The intellectual property developed and associated with the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower System mentioned in this document is wholly owned and controlled by Greenway CSP, Istanbul, Turkey to be used by on an exclusive basis for the manufacturing and further development of the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower System, including the rights for worldwide distribution.

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower system, which customers will use to profitably generate zero polluting - 100% clean renewable energy in a wide variety of markets and applications world-wide, gives a good return on the investment to investors who develop, manufacture, sell and install.

General Description, Trends:

World electricity demand is projected to double between 2000 and 2030, growing at an annual rate of 2.4% regardless of electrical generation fuel source. As demand for electricity increases, investment needs will gradually rise, from $2.6 trillion in the current decade to $3.9 trillion in 2021-2030 as reported in the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) World Energy Outlook. IEA has also found that the world's electrical generating capacity will need to increase to nearly 5.8 million megawatts by the year 2020, up from about 3.3 million in 2000.


Increasing Demand for Renewable Energy:

To counter the effects of global warming from the combustion of fossil fuels, the decline of fossil fuels and nuclear power use, as well as the dwindling supply of oil reserves, a rapid shift towards renewable energy development is now underway.

Economic projections indicate that this trend will continue to accelerate rapidly. With over $15 billion in annual installations of renewable energy systems around the world, the renewable energy markets are booming in Europe and in the US.

Shell International predicts that renewable energy will supply 60% of the world's energy by 2060.


Solar Thermal Market Size and Trends:

Within the next twenty years, the total installed capacity of solar thermal power around the world is expected to have reached the impressive figure of 36,850 MW as documented in a market assessment prepared by the European Solar Thermal Industries Association (ESTIA), the International Energy Agency/Solar PACES and Greenpeace International and published in September 2005.

During this twenty year period, solar thermal technology will have emerged from a relatively marginal position in the hierarchy of renewable energy sources to achieve a substantial status alongside the current market leaders such as hydro & wind power and solar photovoltaic.

From a current level of less than 1000MW, the total installation by 2015 will have passed 6400 MW – 7 times more than today.

By 2025, the annual installation rate will be 4600 MW annually.

By 2040, it is expected that 5% of total world’s electricity will come from solar thermal technologies. Concentrated Solar Power Tower system is a solar thermal electric technology that will play an important role in meeting the anticipated future power generation demands.

Solar technologies have proven themselves as a practical answer to concerns about instabilities in the supply of traditional power plant fuels and environmental degradation.

Grid connected & Off grid systems:

There are mainly two specific segments of international electric markets in which Concentrated Solar Power Tower Systems will be highly competitive;

“Grid-Connected” Power:

These grid-connected power supply systems are today one of the most lucrative markets for solar thermal electricity project in the world.

An increasing number of countries have established in recent years a “feed-in tariff” subsidy, which pays the project owner (IPP) an attractive price for every kWh “feed into the grid” for periods between 20 and 25 years.

At the time the profitable markets for Concentrated Solar Power Tower System are the EU countries, the USA, and some Mediterranean countries.

Within these countries, Spain has revealed to be the most attractive place for immediate market entry. In 2004 the Spanish government established a “feed-in-tariff” subsidy which pays an independent power producer 22.97 €-cents per kWh “feed into the grid” for a period of 25 years. This subsidy increases over time since the price is calibrated to Spain’s reference tariff (TMR) which is adjusted annually to account for inflation and other factors. This tariff price has increased by 1.7% between 2004 and 2005 and then by 4.5% between 2005 and 2006.

In June 2006, the Greek Parliament approved new Renewable Energy Sources legislation which updated renewable incentives and included solar thermal power plants for the first time. Solar thermal power plants will also receive incentives for the first time, with feed-in tariffs guaranteed for 20 years and are 25.00 €-cents/kWh for mainland installations and 27 €-cents for Greek islands installations. The tariffs are adjusted for inflation and solar thermal projects are eligible for grants of 30% to 55%.

Besides Spain and Greece, all other EU countries are considering incentives to make it financially attractive for IPPs to deploy solar thermal technologies.

In the USA, grid connected solar systems function since more than 20 years now, using old, not risk free technology (Which faced already few major accidents and air and ground pollution problems). American authorities and IPPs are looking eagerly for new alternative energy like the Concentrated Solar Power Tower system for its high efficiency, zero pollution, and failsafe operation.


“Off-Grid” Power:

This is generally serving rural communities in developing countries like Africa, Asia and South America with no access to the grid.

Concentrated Solar Power Tower system, combined to a simple storage system like water two level storage system can maintain stable electricity supple to an Off Grid society everywhere in the Sun Belt zone all around the world.