Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower system is one of the most promising solar thermal power generating systems.

The use of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower system is advantageous due to its high efficiency, high power density and its nature for zero pollution long-term, low-maintenance operation.

Greenway’s CSP Tower system represents a fairly simple technology which, due to its modularity is flexible and could be built as grid connected unit in medium/large size plants with outputs up to hundreds of MW.

After 7 years of R&D, Greenway has completed erection of 5 MWth pilot CSP tower plant in Mersin/ Turkey.

Greenway’s design is modular and the complete system can be shipped and erected in very short time in any location around the world without any specific needs for a turn-key project.

Heliostats are supported with composite materials so Greenway has a unique, lightweight and easy assembled Lego type product.

Greenway’s CSP Tower system can be designed to operate day&night continuously with a storage system. Alternatively a carbon based source can be used during night time to optimize the storage cost.

Greenway’s CSP Tower system can be easily combined with any existing fossil fuel power plants where during day time the sun (cost free, endless) is the energy source and night time fossil fuel contributes to electricity production.

Condensed cooling unit can be replaced with the water distillation&desalination unit making the system adaptable to different requirements. Therefore, the project can create various outcomes such as: steam production, electricity production, water distillation&desalination, heating & cooling.

Greenway has own design of heliostat and Greenbox (heliostat control card). Creation of Greenbox is one of the innovative aspects of Greenway project. Greenbox computes the current position of the sun at regular intervals by using an astronomical algorithm and it is designed to rotate the mirror in the proper direction after calculating the reflection angle of the light according to the target coordinates. Greenbox is not only motion control PCB but also wireless communication port, calibration and data processor.

All communications are done by Greenway Secure Wireless System, first in the world.

All software and hardware designs used in the system belong to Greenway.

Greenway Concentrated Solar Power Tower system can be either grid-connected electricity supply in power parks up to hundreds of Megawatt and for decentralized or off-grid hybrid power generation at high efficiency levels.