Intelligent Heliostats

bulanikli heliostat (electricity production)_Fotor


Cost effective design less than $100 m2

  • Wireless network controlling CSP Field
  • Zero backlash dual axis solar motion trackers
  • Optimum Parabolic surface shape & size 16 m2
  • Lightweight composite and metal structure: 19 kg/m2


High performance engineering

  • Wind slewing: elevation 95º and azimuth 360º
  • Precise parabolic frame designs up to 0.03° for optimal spot sizes and shape
  • Tested for wind up to 160 km/hr
  • Operates up to 45 km /hr
  • Wireless Motion Control embedded PCB boards
  • Compatible with multiple receiver technologies


Automatic solar tracking, positioning, calibration and field efficiency software


Economic & fast assembly: LEGO design


Closed loop low cost cleaning system